R&E Scaffolding unit is a professional operation with an excellent track record in delivering scaffolding solutions in a creative and cost-effective manner

R&E support the end user with a complete range of safety scaffolding solutions such as :- Scaffolding services for the new structure.
Scaffolding material rental
Supply qualified manpower for scaffolding activities.
Project management cost control for scaffolding mega projects.
Scaffolding Erection and Dismantling Services.

R&E industrial scaffolding services are available for maintenance, turnarounds, outages and capital projects.

R&E designs and manufactures scaffolding trailers for mobilizing scaffolding materials quickly, economically and safely, as well as certified material lifting equipment for lifting materials to high elevations.

R&E scaffolders are trained and certified through International Trainer, Supervisors and foremen are also trained for scaffolding safety inspection.

R&E store yard total footage is about 6,000 Sq.m , supported with a logistic facilities all over kuwait.

R&E store contains about 220,000 cubic meters of scaffolding - which ensures that R&E is always ready to satisfy customer requirements.