Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting

Prevention is where it starts.

R&E Fire & Security Department offer a wide range of high-quality, UL-Listed fire fighting solutions, design systems, and also R&E had set up a comprehensive workshop and refilling facilities which together provide maintenance and support services.

R&E Petroleum Co. involving heavily in FIREFIGHTING systems solutions ( design supply install and commissioning ), UL refilling services and room INTEGRITY TEST for FM200 ,NOVEC and other suppression systems

 As per NFPA 2001 Edition 2015 Annex C , An integrity test is to be conducted in order to guaranty that the protected enclosure is totally sealed thus the air tightness of the protected volume will allow the released gaseous agent inside the enclosure to be maintained to its minimum design concentration for a certain time as designated by international norms , standards and manufacturers guidelines 

A smoke test is done to detect and treat the leakage properly . once the conducted test confirms the integrity of the protected enclosure , a certificate will be issued confirming that the installed system is functional and working as intended.

Main Activities

  • Fire Hose Reel Units
  • Fire Hose Reel Foam Units
  • Fire Water Hydrants, Piping & Pumping Systems
  • Foam Concentrate & Foam Systems
  • Tank Protection & Foam Monitor/Spray Systems
  • Fire Detection and Fire Alarm system
  • NOVEC Suppression Systems
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Kitchen suppression services
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Warehouses